Once upon a time a very wise person stated that computers would soon take over man’s life. Who thought that they would be busy replacing themselves. Here come smartphones that are one of the smartest invention for this generation. Apart from their stylish appearance, smartphones are incomparably useful to the common man.

Smartphone Replace

They are becoming increasingly popular among people of different age groups. Smartphones have already replaced cell phones today. Today it is almost becoming a case where either you have such a phone, or you deeply desire it. So is the desktop computer soon on its way to extinction? Will inventions like the smartphone replace the desktop computer. Let’s find out.

Smart cell phones were invented and released to the audience in 1996. The new appearance and highly attractive features created curiosity among the audience at once. Curiosity or attraction, whatever it was, people just couldn’t ignore these devices. Everyone was hit by the smart mobile bug.

The not only possess better connectivity as compared to other mobile phones, but they also offer computing ability that is way better than an average computer. Apart from their sleek and stylish design, smartphones can be easily carried along even while traveling. They hardly occupy much space, compared to computers. You can access all your favorite social networking sites and check all your important emails on your smart android device/iPhone, even while traveling.

Apart from leisure, you can also rely on your smart cellphone for doing office work. Phones these days also come with a docking station that have a keyboard and an external display. This application creates an environment of a desktop computer. Apart from all of the above features, smartphones are keeping on getting better and better with time. Larger screens, more attractive designs, better memory and boasting dynamic processors make smartphones more desirable than ever. Now even putting all these extremely brilliant features aside, today it has become a new fad to own a smart mobile phone.

It won’t be long before a such a device will be owned by every person out there. If everyone has their own very iPhone/android, why would they require a desktop computer?
It today’s world it is the case of survival of the fittest.

Remember how the dinosaurs got extinct because they couldn’t fight for their own existence? If great inventions like these keep coming up into the market and the desktop computer doesn’t reinvent itself, it won’t be long before the desktop computer follows the fate of the dinosaurs. Remember we warned you first!


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