Value Of Medical Education In Russia

Value Of Medical Education In Russia

In Russia, medical education will last up to 6 years for a normal MBBS or MD degree. During the course, the initial 2 years will be the same procedures followed in all reputed colleges. The initial 2 years include chapters of fundamental science and preclinical procedures that are necessary for learning basic medical education. Only from the 3rd year, the actual study related to medical concepts starts. The topic includes biochemistry, pathology including pathological physics and pathological anatomy, propedeutics and other medical subjects etc. During the 4th and 5th year, professionals will be performing tasks that are done by nurse, clinical assistants and also physicians etc.

During the 6th year, candidates should apply for an examination that is conducted in national level and also the pass the exam. This examination is also one of the important examinations that are included in the medical education. Apart from this exam, mandatory 1 year internship is necessary to the candidates for getting practical experience. Candidates should go and meet necessary department in clinics/ hospital for requesting permission for an internship. In very rare cases, college itself will arrange facility for an internship to the candidates. During the internship period of medical education, candidates will get an opportunity to learn about physiotherapy, dietology, ophthalmology, biochemistry, neurosurgery, otolaryngology and climatotheraphy etc.

All these are the important subjects included as curriculum in medical education and the same are followed in all medical schools. But in Russia, the education procedure is different in such a way that candidates are allowed for watching the live surgeries and also given chances to the candidates for operating patients as per the instructions provided by the doctors. So, with all these aspects and benefits, medical education in Russia is effective to the candidates and many people prefer medical courses in Russia than in other countries.


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