There are several questions that parents find themselves having to grapple with frequently. One of those is the what to include, and what to omit in kids’ diets. That is the question we will be attempting to answer, as we explore the top 7 foods to include in your kid’s diet. We will also be making an attempt at answering the question as to why the inclusion of these foods is essential.
Without further ado, the top 7 foods to include in your kid’s diet include:
1. Legumes: examples of legumes include beans and chick peas. The main reason as to why you need to include them in your kid’s diet is that they are rich in protein. And as we all know, protein is essential for kids who, by definition, are people in their prime growth years. What is particularly attractive about legumes as sources of proteins is the fact that they are ‘healthy.’ They are unlike meats and other animal products, whose protein is tapped into a greater (health) risk.
2. Whole grains: these are essential to kids’ health on three grounds. Firstly, they provide kids with energy – being the so-called ‘complex’ carbohydrates (as they typically are). Secondly, they provide kids with essential minerals. The minerals are usually required by kid’s bodies in small amounts. But lack of them can have undesirable consequences. Finally, the whole grains also provide kid’s with fiber. Indeed, they are usually very rich in fiber. As such, they can even be comfortably used by obese kids who are making weight loss efforts, without major risk of messing up their weight loss efforts.
3. Oats: these are normally presented in the form of oatmeal, a popular breakfast food. They are essential in the kids’ diets because they provide (almost instant) energy, which growing children definitely need when they play (in which they also get to exercise) and for their learning activities. Oats also provide vitamin B and zinc as well as calcium: all these being nutrients that are essential for proper kids’ growth. It helps too, that the oats (in the form of oatmeal) tend to be rich in fiber: which is so essential for long term health at many levels. The oats are perfect substitutes for the whole range of breakfast snacks that are often packed with unhealthy fat.
4. Milk: this is rich in calcium, a nutrient that kids require in considerably high amounts, if they are to attain proper bone development. Some parents prefer using low fat fresh milk, even as others prefer yogurt. What is essential is to ensure that the kid gets this nutritionally-rich food regularly.
5. Nuts: these supply the kids with protein and fat – essential nutrients for their healthy growth. It helps that the fat found in nuts is of the healthy variety.
6. Broccoli and other vegetables: these supply the kids with vitamins and other minerals that are essential for proper growth. The vitamins (especially vitamin C) are essential for, among other things, strengthening the kids’ immune system, so that they don’t get sick.
7. Fruits: these help to supply the kids with vitamins, a whole range of minerals, energy (from their natural sugar) and fiber. For the best results, you need to vary the fruits you give to your kid (rather than giving the kid one particular type of fruit on a daily basis).


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