There are experiences and opportunities which this leader hold out for everyone that no other leader in the entire cosmos could dare to offer and only this leader can produce and the fruit of the offer. No one else could do that either. Why are people not queuing up to follow this powerful leader who keeps His promises?

       This  Leader Inspires In Such A Real Manner

We read all the details of this in the second part of John Chapter 14 in the Gospel of John in the New Testament part of the Bible. Do take time to read it carefully. It is an awesome promise and these are amazing words of reassurance.

You may not be able to explain it, but you are able to testify to its reality. You are able to be a witness to the fact and reality that Jesus has given you His Holy Spirit. It is that, that makes you a Christian, and nothing else.

I have personally known this very real experience of God the Holy Spirit for well over forty years! What Jesus Christ promises all comes true then and still today.

Think of what Jesus is saying to those whom he has chosen.

I am going away, but I will be present in you, as well as being present with you! Do you know of any other leader who has come near to that?

I will be hidden from the world, but visible to you.

The world will not know what is happening, but you will know.

The world will not be able to see what is going on, but you my children will be able to see clearly.

I am going to die, but because I die and rise again, you will live also.

You are my children and you will have the Holy Spirit and in a very real sense you will have Me and you shall have the Father.

We will make our mansion with you. There are mansions in heaven for men and mansions on earth for God. I am getting a resting place ready for you. You get your hearts and lives ready for us to come and rest and dwell and abide in you. You can come and live with Me one day in heaven, but first, I want to come and live in you.

This is exciting and almost verging on being emotional, but it is not emotional. Of course, it touches our emotions and that is good, but that is very different from some experience being no more than emotional. We almost have to put aside reason and logic.

This is the language of love, and Jesus is speaking to those whom He loves and who love Him.

You thought you would be all alone and orphaned and left to fend for yourself. No. No. We are all coming to live in you and to love you and to fortress you and to enable you to serve in this world and to empower you for ministry that will be effective and fruitful.

Just as the air is all around us and we need to breathe it in to live, so the Holy Spirit is around us. Breathe him in. Let Him live in you, and give you life.

It is then we have assurance of eternal life.

Sandy Shaw


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