The Importance Of Updating Your PC

The Importance Of Updating Your PC

Computing today is usually moving at the speed of light! Every time you buy a piece of software, by the time you install it, it will be outdated. Whether it is office software to create word documents or antivirus software to protect your computer. So it is very important nowadays to update all of your software regularly. If you don’t, there can be bad consequences. I will highlight the main areas needing to be updated regularly.

Operating System

Your operating system has a part in everything on your computer. A bad operating system could mean no matter how often you update your malware protection software; there could still be security holes. So it is very important to regularly update your operating system. Most will d this automatically, however, this is not always the case. Updates can also add functionality and extra features to your system, it is not always security updates.

Protection Software

This is probably one of the most important things to update on your computer. If you fail to update your antivirus or firewall etc. Then any new malware will be able to pass right into your computer and infect it. Which could make your computer useless and in need of a format.

Internet Browsers

This is the last main area needing to be updated regularly, internet browsers are on the front line when browsing the internet, and the majority of malware threats come from the internet. So it is always important to check you have the latest updates for your web browser.


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