If we want to learn MS Office 2010 there are a few options we can take. Our first thought may be to head straight to the internet. This is fine, but will only get us so far. If we are using Microsoft Word and we want to know how to spell check the document we would type this into the search engine. The results we get back could span hundreds of pages. Are we really going to bother looking beyond pages one or two for our answer? What if we don’t find it?
The next option would be our local bookstore. Many books are full of terms and examples that you are never going to use in the real world. What you need is straight to the point, jargon free explanations. You are only going to get confused if sidetracked with a lot of non relevant material.
Books can also be expensive. Microsoft tends to release new versions of their software every few years and what happens to the nice book you bought then? Truth is it becomes outdated and gets put to the back of the cupboard. Out we go again to the bookstore to purchase another expensive book to help us learn the latest version of the software.
How about training courses? These generally concentrate on only one product. You may wish to learn Excel, Access and Word, but find that your course solely concentrates on Microsoft Word. Courses can be expensive and you won’t get individual attention. You may also pay considerably for travel. Take into account that you may not wish to travel due to weather, illness or any other reason.
The best way to learn MS Office 2010 is to look at online training which is jargon free and won’t be a big strain on your wallet. You will no longer have to spend ages hunting all over the place for answers to problems. Everything is kept in one location and you can refer back time and time again, no matter where in the world you are.

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