Ten Great Items to Bring With You

Everyone needs some things to bring with when they are going to board a plane to make their journey comfortable and more enjoyable. These are some great items to bring with you onboard a plane.

1) Reading material:- Whether you prefer the old fashioned newspaper, magazine, or book or the newest iPad, Kindle, or electronic reader option, nothing passes the time better then something to read. In general, the length of your flight determines how much you should bring. However, it never hurts to bring more than needed. With today’s digital books and papers and magazines you can load hours if not week’s worth of reading material

2) Music: – There is nothing better to drown out the drone of the engines and that crying baby then some music. iPods, iPhones, and mp3 players all allow you to load 1000’s of songs onto small devices that fit into your pocket. Most of today’s cell phones even have a music option as well. So load your favorite song and start listening to your favorite tunes.

3) Video: – Along the same lines as a music player, your own movie is your best choice to actually like what you are going to see onboard a flight. Forget about the onboard movie and choose your own. iPhones, iPads, and most laptops all have video to choose your own in-flight entertainment.

4) Pillow & a blanket: – If you just want to get some rest on that early or red-eye flight, then you better pack your own pillow and small blanket. What used to be standard on most flights is today a rarity. You will still get them on most international flights, but they are often starched and so full of static cling, it will make your hair stand up! Nothing beats your own, clean, small comfort of home onboard a plane.

5) Snacks & Food: – Again what used to be standard on most flights is a rarity today. If flights do offer some sort of snack or meal, it is usually a bag of peanuts or comes at a steep price. Why not pack your own food and enjoy it. Besides, do you really want to eat expensive, pre-packaged, airline food?

6) Games: – A good way to pass the time is with games. Either video, card, or old fashioned pocket board games are a great way to kill the time onboard long flights. If traveling with a family, this is a great way to occupy the kids and even get in some quality “family time”.

7) Laptop: – What better time to catch up on some e-mails or type an article (as I am doing right now onboard a Delta flight to New York). While most flights still don’t offer Wi-Fi, you can use this time to catch up on offline transactions, or simply compose e-mails to be sent later.

8) Personal Items: – Especially useful on longer flights, personal items such as a comb, makeup, toiletries, etc. can help you freshen up should you fall asleep or just need to recharge. Your fellow passengers will be thankful too!

9) Carry-on’s: – Checked bag fees have become standard now and unfortunately do not look like they are disappearing any time soon. Unfortunately for the traveler, this means cramping as much stuff into your carry-on bags. While not essential to making your flight better, it certainly will help your wallet out.

10) Comfortable Clothes: – More so an item to worry about before you boards the plane, you want to be comfortable during your flight. The 3″ heels are probably not the best choice when traveling and neither is the full bankers’ suit. If you are forced to wear these items due to the business meeting, keep these items stowed and change into them right before you arrive at your destination. Being uncomfortable for hours will not only make you cranky, but it will take you off your “A” game.


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