Speed camera detectors come in quite a few types and models. Two of the most popular use radar and laser technology to help you to avoid speeding tickets.

Speed Camera Detectors

If you are considering purchasing a speed camera detector, you may possibly be mystified about the discrepancies between radar and laser detectors. These two terms are often utilized interchangeably. Nevertheless, there exist a few crucial discrepancies which are important for you to understand before shopping for a speed camera detector.

Understanding How Radar Guns Work

A classic radar gun releases a radio pulse. It then waits for the reflection. When it receives the reflected pulse, it next measures the doppler shift in the radio signal. It finally computes the speed of the vehicle.

Understanding How Laser Guns Work

As police technology has improved, the old style models of radar guns have for the most part been replaced by technologically superior laser guns. Laser guns – also known as LIDAR, for light detection and ranging – do not rely on doppler shift to decide a vehicle’s speed. Instead, they calculate the amount of time it takes for light to hit a vehicle and reflect back.

Since light moves more swiftly than sound, a laser speed gun takes many hundreds of samples in less than a second and determine the median velocity of the car. This means that laser speed technology is extremely accurate when compared to radar – and it’s much tougher if you should want to contest a speeding ticket that you’ve gotten.
Which One Should You Get?

Your conventional radar detector makes use of radio waves to detect radar. It then warns you and you can step on the brake. It’s unable to detect lasers, so you won’t be safe from any speeding detection technology that utilizes laser.
On the other hand, radar speeding detection is still used extensively. In fact, in lots of places you won’t have to worry with regards to not being warned about speed traps.

New laser detection models, on the contrary, can identify the laser and transmit a noise to let you know. This won’t help you if your vehicle is the one being targeted, since you will not have time to slow down before your velocity’s registered. However, if a car in front of you happens to be targeted, your laser detector will warn you in time to slow down.

However, laser detectors do tend to perform less well during poor weather conditions, as particles of debris and moisture are able to bewilder the system.

A laser detector and a radar detector both have their benefits and limitations. Whatever type of speed trap detector you invest in, make sure you acquire a high quality model with an extended warranty. The quality of the individual model’s far more essential than the type of detector.


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