Snapchat Said to Weigh What Was Once Unthinkable - Permanent Snaps

Snap is considering changes to Its Own Snapchat app, known for disappearing photos and videos, that could make users’ public Articles longer lasting or even permanent, people familiar with the Issue said.

Collectively the changes would indicate a big step in Snap’s attempt to lure and keep users by creating content shared openly via the”Our Story” segment, more available external Snapchat. They might also produce a new revenue source for money-losing Snap, which has seen its user base shrink and executives flee the company.

However, such changes to Snapchat, that launched in 2011 and became an instant hit among teenagers and millennials, can trigger backlash from users who cherish their privacy, particularly as rival Facebook has been plagued by scandals on how it manages user information.

Snap is weighing the privacy, technical and legal concerns of displaying consumer identities on public posts, said the person familiarized with Snap’s plans.

Just Snapchat photo and movie articles contributed to”Our Story”, that conveys the snaps openly to a broader audience and not just a user’s buddies, would be affected and users would still have the option of deleting those tales, said the individual.

Snap has already extended the shelf life of public stories, but which makes them last much longer or revealing more about the consumers who make them would be a further death from Snapchat’s hallmark features.

The changes could come in response to comments from Snap’s four partnerships with news discovery platforms which help media firms spot, analyse and republish public breaking information articles on Snapchat, sources said.

The news partnerships are part of Snap’s”Stories Everywhere” initiative, established last year to drive content to more areas outside Snapchat.

Snap declared the partnerships a year ago also will sign four more deals in the near future, ” said the individual familiar with Snap’s plans.

Initially, public reports would vanish after 30 days but today remain viewable for 90 days, based on Snap’s support site.

Some spouses have said that the disappearing and anonymous nature of public stories makes them difficult to work with, the sources stated.

Some news organisations will not embed Snapchat tales into articles because the articles finally disappears, while some won’t use them since they cannot confirm anonymous users’ Snapchat videos.

One source familiar with all the information partnership said Snap is talking with one spouse about creating public posts last even longer and also to make some content from actors permanent.

Lucrative Small Business

Snap’s stock has been under pressure as investors question the company’s plan to achieve profitability.

Making user content more valuable for spouses has helped improve revenue at Snap’s competitions.

Twitter was among the very first social networking platforms to sell access to public posts or tweets and reported $108 million (roughly Rs. 770 crores) from third-quarter revenue from non-advertising companies like information licensing, its own fastest-growing division.

Twitter provides access to over 500 million daily tweets to clients such as analytics companies, news organisations and financial institutions that utilize trending tickers and tales to put trades.

Snap does not currently charge for access to public data, but could earn more advertising revenue if snaps embedded out of Snapchat last longer, said Debra Aho Williamson, a social networking marketing analyst with research company eMarketer.

“The advertising would be visible for longer, and I could see advertisers paying it,” Williamson said.

Facebook, viewed as a rival into Twitter in the data licensing market, recently employed strict restrictions that have in turn made Snap’s content more valuable, industry sources said.

Snapchat’s video-heavy articles also offer elements that Twitter and Facebook’s mostly text articles cannot, especially at breaking news events, one of the sources mentioned.


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