Build A Customized Desk

Finding a desk is easy. You can look for it in your local office store, online catalog, and furniture store. But finding the right desk for your computer at the same time stay under your budget is almost impossible. I’ll tell you why you don’t want to shop for a computer desk in all those places.

Run away from office stores and furniture stores

When we look at the prices in office store such as Staples, it is almost impossible to beat their $100 price. You want to avoid getting the type with the metal and glass top. You cannot put a lot of weight on those. If the glass breaks, it would be a total disaster. That would be a $100 ticket to the hospital. Their wooden desk is worse, it is not made with real wood, if it is, and all of them are ridiculously expensive.

Surf away from Online Catalog

Most of the unbeatable price for the office furniture is constructed with composite wood. Most of the composed wood is made with sawdust. It is very tricky they named some of their desks with maple or oak on their titles. They contain no real maple or oak but their colour is paint similar to maple or oak colour. Needless to say, the taxes on top of shipping charges are extra dollars out of your pocket that you don’t want to spend.

Finding the right plans

The great thing about building your own piece of furniture is you can customize it. You can get different ideas from different plans then make it into your own. You can add drawers, knobs, sliding keyboards, doors and more. You don’t need special tools to build a desk, you need a plan that has all the measurements, the list of tools needed, the list of materials needed, and best of all audio and video to show you how to do it.


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