So you’ve decided to write an eBook. Good for you.
Having your own eBook is important if you’re going to be an information marketer. After all, selling someone else’s product is all fine and good but you’re doing a heck of a lot of work for someone else’s benefit. Much better to keep the profit yourself.
And if you’re a business person or professional and hoping to brand yourself, a book or eBook has to be a key element in your brand development strategy.
And you’ve done it right by planning your book in detail. You know what you’re going to write at each point in the book. Excellent! You’re now ready to write.
But there’s one problem! What program should you use to write your eBook?
The most popular tool is Microsoft’s Word. It has around 95% of the market for word processors. Of course, not all of these are being used for writing books. But still, it owns the market. Templates for Word are openly available to help you write your book and also to reformat your eBook for sale. Word has a number of tools built into it that help the budding author write better. Unfortunately, MS Word is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive choices on the market.
There are other alternatives.
OpenOffice is the one that is most popular and best known. Unlike MS Word it is an open source product. Not only that but unlike some open source products it is free. Generally it is compatible with MS Word and is capable of doing most of what MS Word is capable of. Unfortunately, that compatibility sometimes slips and the things that it isn’t capable of are exactly those things that are most useful to the author. But the price can’t be beat!
There are also other competitors to MS Word. Corel’s WordPerfect was once the commanding name in word processors. However, it is now used largely by legal firms and a few die hard supporters. Despite this it is a premier product — as good as MS Word and sometimes better. The product doesn’t attempt to be compatible. However it is capable of processing MS Word files and does many of the same things but differently. In some cases better than Word. And it is cheaper.
Microsoft also makes a product called MS Works which includes a Word Processor. This product is also Word capable and somewhat compatible on a file level. And the price is good. However, it is a very basic tool and really isn’t up to writing a full eBook on.
There are also a number of “publishing” tools available. These are tools like MS Publisher and Adobe Acrobat Pro. These tools do have a place within the eBook world. Publisher for example is good for creating covers. Acrobat Pro is one method to create PDFs which is how most eBooks are published. Arguably it is the best method since Adobe is the creator of the PDF format. However, these tools are most useful when publishing your book or eBook after you’ve finished writing and editing it.

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