Healthy eating is one easy and quick way to have healthy kids. Since children watch and follow what their parents do, it is important for parents to eat healthy if they expect their kids to. As their biggest role models, parents have the greatest influence on their kids.

Before you can help your kids get healthier, you must look at yourself. Your kids have a better chance of living a healthy life if you do. After all, you can’t expect your kids not to want some chips if you’ve opened a bag for yourself.
The easiest way to incorporate a healthy diet starts in the grocery store. Stop buying foods high in fat, cholesterol and sugar. Avoid anything with MSG and aspartame. If it’s in a box, it’s most likely not healthy. If you stop buying these foods, you won’t have them in your house, completely eliminating any temptations. Your kids will reach for an apple or carrots for a snack instead of chips or cookies.
To avoid any major shock in your house, it’s probably a good idea to make this a slow changing process. Gradually remove bad foods and replace them with healthy options. You don’t want to take away all of the foods they like or you’ll have a major battle. But make sure the treats are only occasional and not something they get for every meal.
It’s a good idea to talk to them and let them know how things are going to change. Explain why some foods are bad for them while other foods help their bodies stay healthy and free of sickness.
The best way for your kids to believe you is to see you eating those healthy foods. They probably won’t like everything you buy, but they’re sure to enjoy some of the foods. Observe and take note of what they like and dislike. Over time, eating healthy will become a way of life for your whole family and they won’t desire the bad foods as much.
Remember that you are the parent and if you would rather them eat an orange at lunch instead of French fries then you make the call. It’s fine to give them choices but let them choose between a couple healthy items.
Encourage your children to get involved in eating healthy by letting them help you shop or prepare some of the food. Most importantly, for your children to have a healthy lifestyle, you first have to make the change. No child wants to follow a parent who doesn’t practice what they preach.

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