Earlier in the year, we reported that each Nintendo Switch Delivered with an Easter Egg that allowed you to play NES Golf on the console to Get one day in the year – that day being the death anniversary of former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.
Now it seems with Nintendo Change firmware update 4.0.0 has eliminated this gesture to the erstwhile industry stalwart.

“Flog was stubbed: official code for launch it had been eliminated from the home menu, and all of code was overwritten with garbage. Thus, even tries to establish it manually is going to lead to loader returning error 0xA09,” claims SwitchBrew – a website devoted to homebrew attempts on the Nintendo Switch.

The title ID ‘flog’ referred to a fully-fledged NES emulator on the Nintendo Switch combined with NES Golf.

Before the Nintendo Switch being revealed, the business considered it to be the final project Iwata was involved in.

“I don’t have many specifics on the device but I do have some background to it and a few PR techniques they’ll use for it. A thing to note about this gadget is that a lot of its creation was started in 2014 and many [sic] of the things that I record was outlined by the late Satoru Iwata before his departure. Hence in the company, the NX is regarded as the last job of the president,” industry insider Geno stated in conversation with Double Pixels. “Employees since his passing utter a phrase at the end of meetings and during thought brainstorms that is “岩田のために!” Which roughly equates “For Iwata!””


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