Huawei Open to European Supervision, Says Executive in Speech

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Needs cyber-security to be Regarded as a technical Instead of ideological Dilemma and is Amenable to supervision by European governments to prove the point, a senior Business executive is expected to State on Thursday evening.

The comments due to be sent in a language by Abraham Liu, Huawei’s primary agent to EU institutions, come as the company finds itself under fire over ties with the Chinese government and suspicion that Beijing may use its technology for hacking, and that the company denies.

Liu will reiterate that Huawei hasn’t and would never hurt the interests of consumers or countries.

“Cyber-security should remain as a technical problem rather than an ideological issue. Since technical problems can always be solved through the ideal solutions while ideological problem can’t,” Liu will state in the company’s Chinese New Year reception in Brussels, according to a copy of his speech observed by Reuters.

“We are always keen to take the supervision and hints of European governments, clients and partners.”

Liu will state that Huawei apparatus, tested by multiple regulators and telecoms operators, haven’t caused any serious cyber-security breaches.

The USA has launched a campaign to convince European allies to not utilize equipment from the world’s biggest producer of telecoms gear for 5G networks, citing security risks.

The French Senate on Wednesday rejected proposed legislation aimed at toughening tests on telecoms equipment despite the US warnings. Germany has stated it needs high data security criteria because of its 5G network.


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