How long does it take for you to write content for your blog? I’m going to hazard a guess and say too long! What I learned that helped me overcome the same problem you’re facing is that to become an efficient writer you need to establish something that can be summed up in one word.
The best way to speed up your writing is to have an established structure you can always rely on when you start writing. That allows you to focus on the message you want to share. You might think that using an established structure when you write content for your blog will make the posts seem stale and repetitive. That is not true! In fact, by allowing yourself to focus on the content rather than the structure you will create content that contains far more value for your readers than ever before!
So you need to use a structure, but don’t know where to start? The good news is that structure is the easy part. Here’s how I would go about establishing a good structure for my blog posts.

Find 5 related keywords for your blog post with the Google External Keyword Tool.

Use one of the keywords as your main topic.

Create a headline using your main keyword. Digg is a good site for inspiration on putting a headline together.

Use the remaining 4 keywords as content paragraphs for your post.

Create sub headlines containing these 4 keywords.

Write a paragraph about each sub-keyword.

Write an introductory paragraph about what you’re covering in your blog post.

Write a summarizing paragraph about what you have covered in your post.

Rinse and repeat.
This is a very basic structure, but it’s still very efficient. What I would recommend you do to mix it up a bit is to look online for more templates. In fact, if you have an author account at EzineArticles they give away a good set of article templates that can be easily be used for blog posts as well.
Remember that we are trying to achieve two things here. First of all, we want to reduce the time we spend writing content every day. Second, we want to allow ourselves to focus on the content, the message we want to convey. Here’s a word of warning. Using an established structure is great, but don’t force yourself. If you have an idea for a blog post that breaks the structure, go with it! Nothing is set in stone!

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