A hyperlink is a word, group of words or an image, which you can click on to jump to a new word document or just a new section within a current document. You can interact Microsoft word documents by including hyperlinks within the word documents. With just a few clicks, you can select a phrase, word or even an image link to add to your website. These are the steps to insert hyperlinks to your website. First, open the document in Microsoft word, in which you want to insert hyperlinks. Select the text that you want to display as a hyperlink or you can put the cursor where you want the hyperlink to show up. You can drag text, etc. to select what you want to use to create a hyperlink to a website. Click on the insert hyperlink icon. A window will open that contains the main menu pages. There will be two links that appear at the top of the window stating file and other. These are used to insert links to external URL or multimedia files. Find the page that you want linked to your selected text or image, or that which you wish to use to create a hyperlink. You can select the page by clicking the page name, which appears in the front of the selected page label. Then you can click okay to insert hyperlinks for the chosen web page. The name of the page will be added as a hyperlink where the cursor is positioned if no text was selected before selecting a page.
When you move the cursor over a link within a web page, the arrow becomes a small hand. Links are specified in HTML using the <a> tag, which can be used two different ways: You can create a link to a different document by using the href attribute or you can create a bookmark within the same document by using the name attribute. The HTML code will display as “visit (name of site)”. Check the coded hyperlink to send to the user to get onto the home page of the website. The attribute has the name of the anchor and creates a bookmark within the HTML document.
Uploading a file to a website using File-Zilla is the process of transferring files from the computer to a website. This is known as uploading or publishing. To accomplish this, you need to know a few things from your web host including:
A� The name of the file transfer protocol (FTP) for the website
A� User ID or login username for FTP account
A� Password for the FTP account
A� The directory where you want to put the files so that they will be able to be viewed by a web browser that is visiting your site.
You can store it in a sub directory called “www”, a default directory or public “HTML”.FTP allows you to move from one computer to another one over the Internet, while the other computer is acting as the server hosting your account. Make sure that you are visible on the Internet whenever someone visits your domain name.
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