In the growing up phase, while you are teaching your kids the right habits and manners, the eating habits often stay neglected. A child tends to pick up an extra snack anytime during the day between his regular meals. These snacks, if planned properly, can add to his nutrition and energy value. But if not, it can lead to grave problems, like child obesity.
In the fast paced life, children often pick up cookies, chips, doughnuts and colas with their pocket money or from their parents plate. While a little of these things help him/ her to get adjusted to outside food, a greater intake of these foods could result in health issues including liver malfunction and other digestive system problems. Obesity or overly lean frame is only an aftermath. It is, therefore, the parent’s responsibility to keep a check on the snacks habit of their kids and to see to the fact that whatever they eat in off-time snacks should not be crossing approximately 150 calories.
If you are finding it very difficult to restrict your kid’s snacks habit, then the alternate way of keeping the calories in check is to check the contents of his plate. A diet full of fibres and proteins will keep him full and reduce his cravings for unhealthy food. You can gradually develop his snacks habit around fruits like apples, oranges and pear. Introduce cereal bars, baked chips, low-fat chips, yogurt and pop corns in his snacks plate. These foods will satisfy his cravings for tasty, trendy foods and at the same time keep him fit and fine.


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