Google Pixel two will go down in the history books for a lot of things, but perhaps not because of its durability.

Putting the Google Pixel two during his customary anxiety therapy, Zack discovered that it had been fairly simple to scratch off the plastic coating that protects the metal build of their Pixel 2. Google’s new flagship smartphone includes a metallic body but there is also this plastic coating on top of it.

Earlier this week, people at iFixit discovered that Google had been using a magnesium mid-frame to provide “solid backing behind the display for if you are candy crushing it.” Nonetheless, it ends up, the device is not quite as powerful as one could have imagined. Nielson found that a desperate try at deforming the phone is sufficient to bend a lot of the handset in half an hour.

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Like different components, the display too nicely the front-facing camera case could be scratched with all the Moh’s hardness amount of five to six picks. In comparison, the displays on the iPhone 8 along with also the Galaxy S8proved equally prone to scratches. Additionally, the P-OLED display, when subjected to fire for 15 seconds, was quite damaged partially rather than recovered from it, according to Nielson.

In general, Nielson was not impressed with the durability of this Google Pixel 2, which is assumed to lead the pack among Android smartphones. If you are looking to obtain the Google Pixel two, and possibly the Google Pixel two XL, you will wish to obtain a situation too.


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