Google Employee's Trust in Sundar Pichai's Leadership Declines, Leaked Internal Survey Hints

Far less Google Workers are Currently”positive” Compared to a year ago about the Organization’s chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai and his management team’s ability to”Efficiently lead in the near Future”, a Press report said.

In late 2018, about three in four (74 percent) Googleworkers said they had been”positive,” as opposed to”neutral” or”negative”, about Pichai’s ability to effectively direct the companydown from 92 percent”optimistic” the year before, based on Google’s latest annual survey on worker satisfaction, the WIRED reported on Saturday.

The outcomes of the annual survey, shared in January, showed that the worker optimism at Google is in its lowest in as many as six years.

The findings also showed decline in employees’ satisfaction with their settlement, with 54 percent saying they were satisfied, compared with 64 percent one year ago.

The results have come on the heels of a protest by Google workers in November from the organization’s sexual harassment policies.

Over 20,000 Google workers worldwide protested against sexual harassment in the business and improper management of sexual misbehaviour allegations against top executives.

After protests, Pichai said Google”will provide more transparency on how we manage issues. We are going to give better care and support to the men and women that raise them”.


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