If you’ve got a blog, you’re constantly looking for new ways which will help you to monetize your content. Here’s a thought: why not sell your content directly? Turn parts of your eBook into an ebook, or into a podcast or video.
I’ve done this several times, and I’ll do it again, because you can develop an additional income stream with little effort.
There are several ways you can do it.
The fastest way is simply to grab ten or more articles and turn them into a PDF ebook. Cut and paste, and you’re done. I like to add value when I do this. I’ve taken 20 articles, and expanded on each one, with additional text, as well as with video. The resulting product is selling very well.
Another method I’ve used successfully is to take a popular post, and expand on it at length. For example, if your original article offered “Ten Tips”, your expanded version could offer “101 Tips.”
Yet another method is to start with a collection of blog posts, and offer advanced versions of the post. For example, if an original post told readers to how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, the eBook version of that blog post would teach readers how to become a professional barista.
I’m sure you’re thinking: “Yes, but why should my readers pay for something they’re getting for free?”
Good question. For a start, it saves a reader time, even if you just compile your posts into a can read the eBook anywhere, or listen to it, if you create an audio version.
If you’ve added fresh information, they’re learning more about a topic.
Not everyone will want to buy, and that’s fine. But if just one in a hundred of your readers does want to buy, then you’re losing money if you don’t give them what they want.
Remember that every post you write is an asset. It’s your intellectual property. Make use of it, and prosper.

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