Yesterday we were cuddling our little ones and hoping that they grow and become independent, all of a sudden they have become teenagers and we feel that we no longer know them, sounds familiar read on…

Dealing With Teenagers

Teenagers – Have you jumped the hurdle yet?

Hell breaks loose when they need their space and we feel that they are getting out of hand… we rush for all manner of information and yet the answers lie with us parents.

We have been confused for a long time but teenage are part of growing up and we passed it as well but we forgot how we managed ours; what are the steps? What do we do? Who should we seek? Are all manner of questions flashing in our little minds and wondering how we can ever fix this menace of teenage hood.

The secret is to understand that their world is expanding and the space is required, though very hard to accept the transition, we need to be gentle and understanding. There are hiccups here and there but once there is dialogue there is always a way of meeting at the center with our teenagers. Could it be possible to speak their language? Should they stop visiting their friends? When will this teenage thing come to an end? The questions are endless.

Set time for bonding it may not be easy as this is the time to discovery their world in the best way they know how but a few words of caution or advise will not harm. The world is round but to them the world is square and everything is within reach. We need to be careful as at this point is when our teenage make it or break it.

Courage to call a spade a spade when discussing:



Sex education

hard drug which are not hard to come by

Opposite relationship


Do not shy away they are our children only time has changed, strive to understand them for it is only for a little while and all will be behind us.


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