You are finally ready to go out there and make those crazy profits that other online marketers seem to be making. You have identified a niche and you know that you can sell them your product. You need, just like with everything else in life, to know what you are doing and how you are going to go about it. The reason why so many people have successfully built internet businesses is because the ropes are easy to learn, and once you master them, the world is your playground.

Real Online Business System

For the sake of this beginners session, we will divide it into three parts so that you can clearly see what it is that you need to know and what you need to have.

1. What you need to Have

You need to have a website. That is your shop. That is where convinced clients will buy from. A website is a description of your product or service; it is the link between you and your clients. It goes over a physical brochure or sales manual because it is so manipulatable. It is a tool that you can use to do many different things for your business. You can use it to provide information about your product, you can use it to get a mailing list, and you can use it to cross-sell and much more.

How do you go about getting yourself one? It is now been refined to a very basic science. You can either make one yourself (they literally hand-hold through the process for less than $100 for the entire package) or you can approach a professional to do it for you. The key thing with your website, especially today, is not so much how it looks but what kind of information it contains. You need to learn about keywords – words that a person searching for a similar product like you are selling would most likely type up in Google so that you website gets a chance of getting a hit with each search. Then you need to know how to use those keywords so that their density on your website is just enough. Your website will be populated with articles, and these will have keywords too, each of which point back to your website.

Articles are a sticky point for some people who want to go into online business, but remember that the more, better quality and informative articles you have, the more you are likely to attract more traffic – your site generally starts to be referred to as a source of information. You can hire someone to do your articles for you, or you can do them yourself depending on your skills set.

2. What You Need To Know

This is the big one: what do you need to know to get your business off to a successful start? There is one thing, and it is the key thing only. You need to learn about traffic. Traffic is the number of people who visit your website. The more the visitors, the more likely you are to have a buyer – it is a probability game. So you need as many visitors as possible.

What you need to learn about traffic is 3 key things:
• How to get them to your site (there are several ways) • How to get them to leave you their contact details so that you can develop an email list – consider a list as clients who are waiting to be converted to buy if you develop a relationship with them. • How to convert your traffic into buying customers. These, unfortunately, are not things that you can learn in a day. There are of course applies principles that are known to work, but depending on the kind of business you go into, you will learn what works best for you. And the more you learn, the more you refine so that eventually, you have an almost sure-proof system of getting and retaining traffic.

3. Continuous Education

Online practices change every day. What you learnt and what worked yesterday will make you losses today. You must be ready to learn on a continual basis. Update your knowledge every day. How? There are many ways:
• Join an online forum of internet marketers – they are a wealth of knowledge and information and you will always learn so much from them. Ask questions and examine their answers to see if they would work well for you. They also seem to know the newest trends, what is working and what is not. Use them to build your business. • Read – go online and read.

There is tons of free resources about almost any kind of online business you can think of. Have a specific folder where you can download this material into and then set aside time to read and study it. Do not ignore the free resources thinking they may be no good – they usually have excellent information. • Get a mentor – online business has become now almost like any other kind of businesses. There are people who have been doing it long enough to mentor others. Some mentors charge, others do not. It is up to you really, but a mentor is invaluable. They have been through the pitfalls you are likely headed for and can steer you away from them.

Online business really is a good way to achieve financial freedom and independence if that is what you are after. And it does not take much to learn – if you are willing to contribute a real effort and change your life you can create an entire business in less than 24 hours, it is very possible.


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