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10 Green Gadgets That Save the Planet and Your Money


Some Gadgets  Save Our Planet And  Money

Some Gadgets  Save Our Planet And  Money

One of the most important movements in recent times is the growing concern for the environment. All over the world, people are seeing and are growing aware of the negative effects on the environment of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. These harmful emissions are brought about by their use, and misuse, of energy resources generated by fossil fuels such as petroleum and its by-products.

This growing green consciousness is slowly affecting people’s shopping habits, many of which now prefer choosing green and energy efficient appliances. With this, more and more eco-friendly or green gadgets are coming out on the market that features the latest in technologies that are not only innovative but are also safe for the environment. The following describes 10 of the top green gadgets available that can help you save money as well as the planet.

* Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are eco-friendly ways of charging your cell phones and other tech gadgets using the power of the sun. Instead of USB cables hooked up to a computer or an electrical outlet adapter, solar panels are used instead that would be enough to generate enough watts to charge your gadgets. Just make sure that the connector or adapter for these solar chargers is compatible with your gadgets.

* LED Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light or CFL bulbs have created a buzz a few years ago as more energy efficient and environmental friendly alternatives to standard incandescent bulbs and lighting fixtures. Now, LED bulbs are coming out on the market that is, even more, energy efficient and uses only half the energy required by CFLs. Not only that, LED bulbs are more environmental friendly as they contain no mercury typical of CFL lamps and they emit only a negligible amount of CO2.

* LED Grow Lights

Plants are known to grow better with a light source but turning these lamps for a prolonged period may not be economical and would emit a significant amount of greenhouse gasses cumulatively. Using LED for your grow lights would be more eco-friendly and economical as they consume only a fraction of the energy used required by standard lamps. These LED grow lights come in various shapes and sizes so be sure to choose products that would fit well in your gardens.

* Solar Backpacks

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a stylish backpack that you can carry with you anywhere you go while charging your cell phones and other gadgets at the same time? These backpacks are compact and lightweight and come in various colors and trimmings that would fit your style and preference. The bag and the built-in solar panels are waterproof and designed for the conditions of the great outdoors making them excellent for camping and hiking.

* Water Powered Clock

Imagine a gadget that can help you keep track of time and runs only on water and a dash of salt – no need for batteries! This amazing desktop accessory is not only safe for the environment but they are quite stylish as well and come in different colors and designs that would fit well with your style and preference.

* Battery Chargers

There are now new innovative but eco-friendly ways of charging your mobile devices and similar gadgets without the need to plug-in into an electrical outlet. One type of charger would allow you to pull on a string that is attached to a small flywheel that generates up to 5 watts of electricity. Another charger features a loop charging mechanism that can be attached to an electric bike allowing it to charge itself while using it.

* USB Batteries

Alkaline batteries make use of caustic chemicals that are harmful to the environment so it would be better to make use of rechargeable batteries instead to power all your hi-tech gadgets. USB batteries take this a notch higher by incorporating a built-in charger that can be powered even with the small 250 am the current of a universal serial bus.

* Wooden Headphones

Want an innovative but eco-friendly way to listen to your favourite music? Wooden headphones are great green gadgets for this purpose as they are free from polluting PVC and makes use of recycled wood. These headphones are compatible with most MP3 players, computers, phone, ipods, and CD/DVD players and give crisp high-quality sounds.

* Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are great and convenient tools to add to your computer accessories but having the solar powered versions would be good for the environment as they have no need for chemically-laden batteries and harnesses clean energy directly from the sun. This innovative keyboard that runs on the 2.4 GHz wireless technology comes in a recyclable box and is totally free from environmentally-polluting PVC materials.

* Kill-A-Watt Wireless Monitor Carbon Footprint Meters

Planning to have a really “green” office or home? The Kill-A-Watt Wireless Monitor Carbon Footprint Meter can help you calculate and monitor your energy usage per day, week, month, or even up to a year. These devices can effectively do this effectively within a wireless range of 300 feet and provides data in various units of measurement.

Technology has helped ease the lives of people for years however, people’s use of technology have resulted in serious repercussions on the environment. Now, this same technology is coming out with hi-tech gadgets that are both innovative and eco-friendly. Having these green gadgets can give you a jumpstart in helping protect the environment – and you can start with these top 10 trends.

New Features, New Design, Brand New All in One Gadget


New Design, Brand New All In One Gadget

New Design, Brand New All In One Gadget

The new phone is finally here. More technology packed than ever before, it sets new benchmarks for other mobile phones manufacturers that have been overwhelmed by the success of Apple’s phone.

But I guess you’re more interested in the features of the new phone rather than the impact it has on the business world so let me share with you the novelties it brings along.


The new phone is thinner, sleeker and better looking than its predecessors. The stainless steel looks good and refined giving it a more futuristic look. The metal buttons add to the overall feel of sturdiness without dramatically increasing the weight. It is heavier than the phone 3GS by only 0.1 ounces and it feels great in the hand.


But the most obvious improvement is by far the new screen. The “Retina” is a 3.5-inch display which looks absolutely superb, mainly because its pixels are only 78 micrometers wide. It has four times more pixels than the previous version and it is by far the best display I have ever seen on a handheld device. The zoom is flawless and not a single bit of detail is lost in the process.

The “camera system” (as Steve Jobs called it) is comprised of a 5MP capturing device on the back and a VGA one on the front. The image can be shifted between cameras at any time during a video call. Apple calls this “Face Time” and though it has been praised by company officials it is pretty hard to believe it will revolutionize mobile communications or set a trend for other manufacturers to follow. It is undoubtedly a clever feature but it is overshadowed by other technological marvels such as the flawless screen.


The movie is an app that allows complex video editing like nothing I have seen before on a mobile phone. You can trim out a section of a movie, add a musical soundtrack to any clip, and insert pictures in movies and much more. It costs 4, 99$ in the Apple applications store but it is really worth the money.


The phone 4 is a great device with major improvements from the previous versions. Technology-packed but also lookers it will undoubtedly become a favourite amongst geeks and fashion savvy teens alike. A true all in one that surely deserves your attention.

How to Buy Yourself a Digital Audio Recorder


Best Digital Voice Recorder

Best Digital Voice Recorder

A digital audio recorder can help you in many different ways. If you are a student, you may need it to record important lectures so that you can study better afterward. If you are a researcher, you may need it for field notes and interviews. If you are in the investigation, you may need it for recording or spying on your subjects. And if you are in security, you may need it to record goings-on to go with your video feeds.

This device affords many advantages. First, it records in known audio formats, so that you can simply transfer files to a computer for storage when you are done. Second, many digital audio recorders are fashioned so that you can record hours and hours of sound without having to transfer files. This can be convenient if you plan to be on the road for a while with your recorder and have no means to bring a computer with you for easy and instant transfer.

When buying a digital audio recorder, ask about its features. You will want something that can store a lot of hours of audio, and at high quality. Sometimes, this device can be advertised as having a lot of recording capacity, but the sound quality will be poor. Also, get digital audio recorders that are sensitive, but that can filter out background sound that will tend to ruin your recording. There are many recorders out there that have good sound and sensitive microphones, but that do not pick up background sound. You can tell if you test record, and come up with static or high pitched noises.

There are also digital audio recorders that allow you to record landline phone conversations, or that allow you to record from a cellular phone. You may want to use such recorders especially if you are doing phone interviews. This can keep your hands free for taking notes. Also, you may want one that has long-lasting batteries, so that you do not have to keep on charging after every recording. Lastly, check out the price: digital audio recorders should have a price concomitant with what they have to offer.

These are only a few aspects to digital audio recorders that you should consider when buying. Make sure that you get a good brand that will last a long time. Ask your audio retailer for details, and choose the best among as many brands as you possibly can get.

Enjoy Your Life With the 8GB Watch – USB Flash Memory


Enjoy Your Life With The 8GB Watch

Enjoy Your Life With The 8GB Watch

Now the USB flash memory has become a necessity in our daily life. It comes with portability, large capacity, reasonable price and reliable performance. As the USB Flash Memory is in small size, it’s very suitable to carry with you. You can carry it in front, attach it to your keychain, and even put it in purse. There are 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G and 16G USB flash disks. In this passage, we will share a cool gadget with you-the 8 GB USB watch.

Come to say hello to your new friend. From the appearance, it’s cool watch with stylish design. However, in fact, this is much more than just a simple watch. Just as we mentioned above, it’s also a USB flash memory in a shape which you never imagine. This is a steel watch flash memory, an easy -to -use unique combination of convenient portable storage and a sharp-looking watch.

It can help you to store more than 2000 documents, songs and pictures. Thus, you can take your large work files back and forth from office with high speed transmission. Also, you can share your favourite music, film with others by the flash memory.

Except that, you know it’s a watch at the same time. So it will tell you the exact time all the time. With it, you will never have the chance to miss your important appointment. It’s such a multifunctional watch as it can show you the right time and play the USB flash memory role. Compared with other USB disk, it’s much more portable as you wear it on your wrist and there’s less possibility for you to lose it.

In one word, this dual function gadget is the wise choice for you, especially the professional business travellers. Now if you buy it from chinazrh, you can enjoy the wholesale discount and cheap wholesale price and you can have more choice of USB flash drives.

Re-purposing your old electronics


Your Old Electronics

Your Old Electronics

The best way to do minimal damage the environment is to reuse everything we use. It is especially important to do so when it comes to our electronics because of the high amount of toxins contained in them. In this article i am going to list some of the ways we can reuse our old electronic equipment.

*now that most people have to switch to digital television, what is happening to the old analog t.vs? I hope not simply tossed out. Television contains a lot of lead in its crt. So we want to keep it out of the landfills as much as possible. We can re-purpose it and use it as dvd player or to play video games with.

*we can give our old cell phones to a battered women’s shelter or a senior centre and kill two birds with one stone. That is help people in need and at the same time prevent environmental damage.

*old desk tops can be re-purposed into a media centre, news or weather centre, or a multimedia centre.

*laptops can be made into all of the above but what is becoming popular among computer geeks is converting it into digital picture frame. But it is a bit complex and you need be knowledgeable about the inner workings of a computer.

*if the computer is too old or damaged and just doesn’t work, its parts can be used to repair other computers or to build a new computer.

These are just a few ideas. There are many more things you can do with unwanted electronic equipment that is just sitting around in your basement.

Gifting a Well-Chosen Gadget to Your Man


Choose A Gift For Your Man

Choose A Gift For Your Man

Gadgets are ideal as gifts as they are thoughtful and practical items. Gadgets you may gift to the man in your life include iphones, ipads, ipods, laptops, stereos, DVD players, digital cameras, etc. They would certainly appreciate a well-chosen gift.

Men have always loved gadgets and they are not afraid to spend a fortune to get the latest ones with the best features. When you want to get the perfect gift for the man in your life, you cannot go wrong with a gadget. Men also love the idea of getting their favourite gadgets in lovely gift wrapped packages. The information below will give you some great ideas to choose the right gadget gifts for men.

Perhaps the best thing about giving gadgets as gifts is that they are thoughtful and practical items. Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you should not think twice about giving gadget gifts. These gift items for men are available in a wide variety of items that they can use. Since gadgets are extremely useful in everyday life, you can find the perfect item for any man.

The following are some of the interesting gadget gifts for men:

Apple Electronics (ipads, iphones & ipods): When it comes to electronic gadgets that you can use daily, Apple is offering some of the best products. This includes phones and music players with user-friendly interface and impressive features. You can make your friend or spouse a happy man if you get one of the new iphones or ipods. There is no doubt that these gifts will be appreciated because the iphones and ipads are the latest attractions for gadget lovers.

Laptops: These days, the market is flooded with a wide variety of personal computers. You can find many laptops and notebooks which are lightweight, efficient and compact. There is no need to get any another equipment for mass data storage. For most people, laptops are the preferred choices and the best gadgets because they are portable, stylish and useful to everyone, including students and business professionals. Whether you believe that they are necessity or luxury items, the laptops or notebooks are must-have items that every man should have in their possession.

Stereos: Most men will love to get car stereos as a gadget gift, because it’s always more fun to drive and listen to great music. This kind of gadget can definitely be one of the coolest gift items to buy. You could buy the stereos and install them in the car as a surprise or give him as a gift certificate so that he can choose the ones that he wants.

Other items to consider when buying gadget gifts for men include kitchen appliances, dual screen car DVD players, waterproof digital camera or watch, multimedia recliner, video converter, Kindle, gaming chairs and much more.

Hopefully, the ideas above will help you to choose great gift items for a friend, family member or spouse. Many gadget gifts for men are available on the market today, so you might have to do a bit of research to find the right ones.

Gadget news that tells you what is best


The Best Gadget

The Best Gadget

Gadgets make our life a lot more enjoyable than it is. With long working hours and little time for any kind of socializing, most people are strapped for time. Gadgets fill this gap by acting as a bridge between people. Men have always loved their gadgets. From the wide range of gadgets that are available today, it is no wonder that the common man does not know what to buy for himself or for someone else. Here’s when gadget news comes into play.

There are many websites today which deal with gadget news. Not only do they have news on all new and upcoming gadgets, they also have specialized forums where one can discuss gadgets with other interested members. So what does good gadget news tell you to buy?

Top gadgets to buy

Mobile phones: this is certainly the top gadget any gadget news website will tell you to buy. If you haven’t got a mobile phone, you are just not into it.

Portable dvd player: for people who travel frequently, in-flight time can be plain torture. Why not make it a little more enjoyable by investing in a good portable dvd player to watch your favourite movies?

State of the art music system: a music system that knows all the tricks is the must- buy this season. With so many available in the market it may be difficult to choose the right one. Keeping your eyes open for the latest gadget news from around the planet will certainly help you decide whether you want blue ray or not, or if the price is just too high or not.

Headphones: a good pair of headphones is all you need to listen to good music. There are several options to choose from, from bluetooth headsets, to one which looks like a watch, etc.

No matter what gadget you want to buy, a good idea would be to subscribe to a good gadget news website. In fact, gadgets are not only for men. Women too are falling in love with gadgets that have been manufactured specially for them, such as pink mobile phones, pink laptops, etc. So go ahead and splurge on yourself or someone else. This is the best time to buy gadgets, considering that the market is coming up with newer and more improved versions of gadgets almost every week.

Will Spy Gadgets Hit the High Street?


Spy Gadgets at the Electrical Stores

Spy Gadgets At The Electrical Stores

If you were to go to any of the mainstream electrical and electronics retailers on any high street in the UK to purchase spy gadgets you would find that what is on offer is very limited or simply non-existent. Could it be that high street stores have not grabbed the concept that the public have a real interest in spy gadgets? Or is there another underlying reason for this?

You would really have thought that amongst the TV’s, DVD Recorders, MP3’s and audio recording products on offers at the electrical retailers there would have been some more specialised covert camera recording systems or discreet voice recorders on offer. There are of course a few exceptions, but as a rule it would appear that spy gadgets have been passed by. It maybe that the mainstream retailers associate this type of spy equipment as having a narrow appeal, or maybe it is because many would view this type of surveillance equipment as being linked to a dark side of people’s lives. It may also be that it would be difficult to sell spy gadgets off the shelf amongst other electronic devices because by their very nature, spy equipment product purchases usually are a very private matter and not something that most customers would want to be open about.

These factors are of course very valid, but I believe the main reason behind their non-inclusion in the mainstream retail is that by the very nature of the equipment, specialist advice is normally required to identify exactly what spy gadget or gadgets would suit the needs of the customer and it is here where high street store staff lack the knowledge required to enable customers to make an informed choice.

Nevertheless, due to increase in popularity, I believe some spy gadgets will make the high street retailers eventually, because although they have a serious side, spy devices also can be viewed as fun boy’s toys.

Hunting in optimal conditions using moon phase watches


Moon Phase Watch

Moon Phase Watch

In a profession that requires a reliance on moon phases like mariners, fishermen and hunters, moon phase watches can be a very useful tool. The watch coordinates the cycle of the moon with the date of the day and the month so that you can track the phases. Some of the moon phase watches can also track the latitude and longitude of the moon as well as tell the time. A vibrating mode feature can also be present in some models for silent triggered alarms which help people who use concealment like hunters and fishermen.

By utilizing the feature of the watch to tell the phase of the moon, a hunter knows when is the right time to hunt his or her prey like deer for example. The four phases of the moon from daytime to nighttimes can affect and give predictions when to hunt and where to hunt. The phase of the moon even from daytime can affect the activity of your prey, if the prey is travelling, or the prey is resting, or is it grazing or hunting for food, and how many there are active at the moment. Low light conditions can also be predicted by means of lunar phases. The best preferred time and phase by hunters for good action is when there is full moon during midday and in dusk and dawn activity during quarter moons.

Moon phase watches require only a little configuration before you can use them. By pulling the knob or crown to set the day and month in a clockwise direction then pushing the knob or crown back in. In setting the moon phase, first check online or in newspapers and calendars the phase of the moon corresponding to the phase of the moon that day. Usually there are four phases in the watches, full moon, new moon, waxing moon, and waning moon. Choose accordingly the correct one by spinning the knob or crown in a counter clockwise fashion, once it is set to the correct phase of the moon then push back the crown.

Most of the watches are sold online and are considered geeky by most people. However, take note that serious hunters and outdoorsmen, all rugged types, use this kind of watches. This is one of those geek watches that you can show to your friend without having to fear being branded as one. And if you ever get to be branded as one then tell them about how bow hunters use moon phase watches to hunt grizzly bears in their spare time.

Featuring Kindle DX: The Revolutionary Way to Read


Featuring Kindle DXFeaturing Kindle DX

There is still so much to say about Kindle DX, items been a little more than 3 years since the first model, today, it is the most wanted gadget on electronics market, and it has become a personal companion device as well as a professional stand tool for business people. Of course Kindle DX holds many features, a ticket that has warranted its popularity and here they stand:

— A larger size on the kindle family (9.7 inch display screen)

— Storage space holds 3,500 books (4GB)

— E Ink electronic paper display (high contrast and sharpest images)

— An internal PDF reader

— Free Whisper net wireless technology (3G capability throughout the world, high-speed network to download, No need internet connection to reach Kindle Store)

— A read-to-me function which allows your kindle to read out your favourite newspaper, magazine, book or blog.

— Bookmark and place notes using QWERTY keyboard.

— A few more extras! Built in Dictionary, a web browser, direct access to Wikipedia and Audible, a back-up library of all owned books at, and an mp3 player to hear your music while reading.

These features are just an indisputable weight ratio from which the Kindle DX has acquired a revolutionary boom, not to mention that Kindle Wireless Reader Device ascribed to its singularity as a replacement of several types of prints in one single device. I would like to add, within the revolutionary context an aspect we cannot dismiss, and that is a havoc spread out within the newspaper industry related directly to the presence of Amazon Kindle DX on the market and its repercussions, in short it has affected the way how we read news, and how is delivered even before it hit the newsstand at the local store, lowering traditional subscriptions, budget cuts, lay off workforce, minimize sections on publications. It has influence the production behaviour and distribution channels of many newspaper publishers, as an example New York Times has laid itself towards the kindle digital way to manage subscriptions along with The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to mention a few of them.

One thing that attracted my attention was the mission statement Amazon is holding for the future of kindle readers: “to have every book ever written, in every language in 60 seconds from anywhere on earth”, the near and long future for e-readers is laid, then I think this slogan would suit very well the kindle reader device missionary statement: if you have a Kindle you will have them all (all publications), I must said, Would not you?

Top 10 Wackiest Kitchen Gadget for Your Home


You can’t help but be amazed with how innovative the human mind can be. Here is a list of funny kitchen gadgets which will surely bring joy and laughter while setting up your food. These gadgets are great tokens and gifts for your pals or even for yourself too.

Kitchen Gadget for Your Home

  1. “Ex” Knife Holder

This humorous kitchen tool is a fresh outlook on the standard block-of-wood holder. Crafted by Raffaele Iannello, it is made up of durable ABS plastic and has individual protective knife sleeve. Because of its ambiguity, it could be anyone letting you fulfill those morbid thoughts. This gadget set comes with five razor sharp knives with the retail price of $70 (Amazon) — it certainly is cheaper than therapy.

  1. Dog-End Kitchen Towel Holder

Slam design has offered the market a slightly gross but totally cool towel holder. The towel is fastened into the butt area of this kitchen gadget and it has screw or sticky pad attachment. It comes in two designs- spotted and all white. This can be purchased at Perpetual Kid for only $20.

  1. Monkey Peeler

This is just like the common peelers in the market aside from the bright orange monkey staring at you while you peel and its dishwasher safe too. Purchase one at  at $7.00 only.

  1. Handyman Toothpick Man

This is a kitchen device that will surely make you smile after that scrumptious meal. Upon lifting the cover, a small figure of a man pops out, lifting the toothpick with both his arms. You can find this unique item, designed by Torben Rasmussen, check this at Uncommon Goods at $40.00.

  1. Table Saw Cake Cutter

Show that cake who’s the boss with this wacky kitchen gadget that makes you feel more masculine than ever. You can find this 11-inch plastic cutter at  for only $11.

  1. Pig Cooking Lid

This silicon-made gadget has a pig face on its center. It helps you cook your food evenly and provides the cooking process a funny twist by emitting steam through the pig’s nostrils. Made in Japan, you can purchase this one for $18.00 at .

  1. Tea-Boy Penguin Tea Timer

This is a perfect gift idea to all tea-lovers out there. Preparing tea is easy but the waiting process sucks in valuable time, this kitchen gadget conveniently rises the tea bag up with its beak after the set time. Check it in Amazon for $30.00.

  1. Love Toaster

Can’t express love through words? Express it through toast! ‘s awesome idea of a toaster that prints the words “I love you” in your toast cost only $62.00.

  1. Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Eating pasta made fun and easy by this kitchen gadget that is operated by triple A batteries. It twirls the pasta for you making it less messy and enjoyable especially for kids.  offers this product at $15.00.

  1. Fred Banana Gripper

This kitchen tool can be bought at  for $7.00. Instead of the usual pot holder, you can use this heat resistant silicone based banana to handle hot pans and pots at home.

Using Spy Gadgets For Idiots – How To Use A GPS Tracing Device


Isn’t it entertaining to know the exact location of a person or vehicle without even asking their whereabouts?

Isn’t it that you’ll feel more safe and confident when you know where your love ones are or the people you’re assigned to spy on? That’s exactly what a GPS tracking devices do.

A GPS Tracing Device

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and it comes in a very handy device known as GPS Tracking Device which can be attached to a vehicle or individual you want to track.

Many people are fond of using this device since it serves a lot of purposes. Here are some of them:

* Monitor Kids

A number of parents use these devices to keep track of their kids. Because they can’t perpetually be there for their kids 24/7, they need something to assure them that their child is in good hands. It proves to be very useful especially when their kid is away from home camping or mountain climbing with other children.

* Spy on people

You could be aware that the police and private investigators are using these devices to tail their targets more effectively and efficiently. It would be extremely hazardous and obvious if they keep following these people around to gather information on their exact position and activities.

*Have fun

If you love spying on your buddies, a GPS tracking device is just what you could do with. You can astonish them every now and then. They’ll start wondering how you are able to know where they are at a specific phase of time. They’ll be surprised too to find out that you’ve recorded every detail of their activities. You’ll all have fun watching these footages later on.

So where can you plunk this gadget without someone knowing it? Those who want to track a vehicle would usually prefer putting it in a car’s fender. Others would place it in the dashboard or the wheel. In spite of this, the best thing to do is go for a test drive with your GPS tracking device and identify the safest point to put it, specially in area that received the least impact during bumps.

On the other hand, if you want to use it to track anyone like your child for example, you can have your children wear a watch or use a telephone outfitted with a GPS tracker. This way, you can keep your eye on your child even if you’re miles away from each other.

The majority of GPS tracking devices use lithium or rechargeable batteries that can last for days. A detector blinks once you’re running on low battery and have to recharge. Most devices have memory of up to 2GB so you can record all you want.

One can easily gather information using the GPS tracking gadget through a text message to your mobile. This in turn displays the location of your target in a map backdrop like the one used in google map. You can now keep an eye on where your target is headed as well as his or her activities.

Though useful, many countries ban the use of a GPS tracking device as a sign of respect to a person’s privacy.

However, if you’re working for the government or a licensed private detective agency you can use such gadget in occupational instances.

The GPS tracking gadget is incomparably helpful. But, you should use it wisely and accordance to the law.A�