Imagine working day and night rigorously on an important assignment and being ecstatic about the hard work. Next day, you go out in the meeting to give a presentation and when you check your laptop, whoosh! No file is there. What would you do in such a scenario? Well, this can happen to anyone of us, on any given day. Computers are tricky electronic machines and they work on a different wave length as ours. Many things can affect your files. You can lose relevant data with just a click and you would just think and think why this happened without your fault in it. The data can be lost on anything, your PC hard drives, memory cards or even USB devices. But today, we are here to help and guide you in learning some useful tips to recover deleted files. Just remember, whenever data loss happens, you need to stop using your computer. Do not even use external memory storage devices because then you would not be able to protect the lost files however hard you may try .

  1. By rebuilding a file directory: When you consciously delete a file by pressing the delete button, the system just hides the data by removing its file directory and by marking that the space is free for use. So, you can easily rebuild the file directory and get your deleted files back. But make sure to not use the computer way more than required before rebuilding the directory or else the chances of retrieving the data might decrease. In this scenario, you can seek help from EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard.
  2. Recover exact copy of deleted files: to recover the exact copy of your deleted files you need to try data recovery software which is designed especially to deal with complicated data loss situations. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is beautifully designed software which can easily recover your data. It can deal with situations like deleted recovery, data recovery after a virus attack, raw error, system crash etc.
  3. Deleted recovery: You can easily recover your data which might have occurred due to emptying of recycle bin or passing the commands like ‘shift+delete’ without any backup. So, you don’t have to worry about losing an important data.
  4. Partition Loss: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is beautiful software which is very easy to use too. One can recover the data from lost partitions caused due to re- partition, disk accident, boot manager etc.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is hands down the best data recovery software tool which is available to us on the internet. It is easy to use and handy software, just like its name. There are many options and advanced features for us to use. You can recover files from external drives, hard drives, memory cards, CD discs, USB drives etc. Undeleting a file with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is as easy as deleting a file by mistake. You should go for this without any hesitation and it won’t let you down in the process of data recovery.



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