Many kids may want a scooter or bike simply because their friends have one, or because they think it’s cool to ride one or for many other reasons – all of which have some truth. But it’s a good bet that they never think of the health benefits that they will get from riding the latest razor scooter, or whatever brand and type they are interested in.
When it comes to kid’s toys it is up to the parents to think about health. And in this day and age when so many children are obese from lack of exercise, buying them a scooter or a bicycle and seeing they get the chance to ride it often is one of the best things you can do for your kid’s health. Think about how many hours your child spends in front of the television or playing with a laptop or some other indoor game. Then count up the number of hours they spend in active play.
It is true that many children play a sport – and many more do not – but when you start counting up the hours you will realise that the match takes about two hours a week and training roughly the same. This is not enough activity to keep a child healthy or to have much effect on their weight.
Remember that overweight children are much more likely to end up with diseases such as diabetes and all the problems that it can bring. Children really need to exercise every day to be healthy – but they won’t do it unless they are highly motivated – just like their parents, in fact! So what better way to motivate them to exercise than to get them a scooter?
When children have similar hobbies to others, they make lots of friends – just like their parents do. Once your child has a scooter and learns how to ride – and does so often – he or she will make many more friends. Better still, those friends will be the active kind and this will further motivate your child to remain active.
So not only will your child become healthier through exercise, they will also get more friends and this will help them to be popular at school, or anywhere else. Kids who have many friends they have high self-esteem and a happier childhood than those who have few friends.
In addition, when a child has lots of exercise their body becomes much stronger and they are able to participate in all kinds of activities and enjoy doing so. They won’t be the one to linger on the sidelines, hoping not to get chosen – yet sad when they are not. And all because you saw to it that they got that scooter.


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