The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is a highly competitive exam for all students coming from a science or engineering background. Organised by the Indian Institutes of Technology all over the country in association with the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, the exam is usually conducted in the month of February every year. One of the associated Institutions take up the bulk o the responsibility of conducting the exam. In 2018, for instance, IIT Guwahati arranged for everything and in 2019, IIT Madras will follow their lead.

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The exam serves as a common entrance for engineers wishing to work for a Master’s degree. It basically functions as a key to gain admission for M.Tech courses in one of the top science colleges in the country. The exam is open to anyone with a science background, not specifically to students of engineering, who wish to enrol for M.Tech in one of the top institutes. GATE qualified candidates are often eligible for scholarships and stipends from different institutions and also the government.

There are many upsides to taking the GATE exam but the fact remains that it is highly competitive in nature and cannot be cracked with casual preparation. Careful attention has to be paid and effort must be put in if you are planning to prepare for the GATE exam. Here are a few tips on how to go about your preparation for GATE:

  1. Standard source material

Most students today understand the importance and relevance of the GATE exam and it’s role in their future. In addition to serving as a common entrance for Post Graduation courses, the GATE scores are also a valid judgement on the credentials of an individual. With the number of candidates growing exponentially every year, there are new books launched in the market every day to help students with their preparations. It is pertinent to choose wisely from this wide range of source material. Prescribed books are always a safe option, for referring to legitimate source material is extremely essential for a good performance in the examination.

  1. Smart approach to the syllabus

A smart approach to the syllabus can be of great help to students preparing for the Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering. The syllabus is understandably large, and while it is best not leave out any topic, it is important to understand which topics have a greater weight in the format of the question paper. Focusing more on the sections which are judged to be important is a smart way of ensuring that you fare well in the upcoming examinations.

  1. Personal notes and neat notebooks for revision

No preparation is complete without a complete revision of all the things you have studied. Knowledge can be fleeting, and revision ensures that you retain in your memory the important facts and methods. However you must proceed with your preparations in a way that will make the process f revision, later, easier and less time consuming. By preparing personal notes on the topics you study, you can ensure easier revision. While working out the numerical problems, which are an important part of the GATE exams, make sure you maintain a notebook with the problems neatly and clearly worked out. This way you can glimpse through them in a jiffy, before the hour of the exam draws near.

  1. Solve previous years’ question papers

Solving previous years’ question papers are perhaps the most important step in the preparatory process for the GATE exam. Solving questions gives you a fair idea of the format of the question paper and the trends of questions that may come from each topic. It also helps you to get into the headspace suitable for an exam, which helps when you are actually answering your paper in real time. Solving papers can be given a great boost to your self-confidence that will allow you develop and maintain a positive attitude throughout the examination.

  1. Join a tutorial institution

It is true that most of what the tutorial homes have to offer can be personally managed, with heightened self-discipline and dedication. But what the institutions tend to impose an organised system to the GATE preparation which may be of immense help. In addition to this, there are provisions of regular tests and practice exams that help develop a mind frame suitable for the exam. Processing and applying the knowledge you have gained becomes second nature, which can be immensely helpful.

  1. Don’t guess blindly

It is highly likely that some of the questions in the GATE exam are going to be new and different every year. With the faculty from the most prestigious institutes preparing the question paper of the GATE examination, there may be some questions that will truly test your knowledge and skill level. When faced with a question wholly unknown to you, don’t choose any option blindly and try not to panic. Instead, use the knowledge in your head at its best capacity, put your analytical skills to work and choose the option that you believe to be correct.

  1. Manage time properly

One of the main problems that students face while answering the GATE exam is the proper management of time in the examination hall. This can be crucial, for any mismanagement might prevent you from completing your paper in time. To face this problem head-on, time yourself and solve papers while preparing for the exam itself so that you are adept at time management by the time the exam comes around.

Make sure you keep these 7 tips in mind while preparing for the GATE exam to be held in February 2019.


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