Mini notebook computers have been around for a few short years, and they’ve already became one of the most popular notebook categories. All notebook manufacturers now either make them, or are looking into ways to get their product out on the market as soon as possible.

5 Most Common Mistakes

Once you start looking around to get one you might notice that there are dozens of different models to choose from. Sometimes there are multiple different types of the same model and it can be really confusing. If you avoid the most common mistakes you will be able to get a mini notebook that lives up to your expectations and helps you get your tasks done.

1. Choosing a netbook when a normal notebook would have been appropriate. This is a honest mistake, but once you know that these small computers are different not only in the sense that they are smaller and more petite, but they contain simpler components too, you will be able to avoid this one.

2. Going for a netbook that doesn’t have good enough processor. General rule of thumb is that you won’t find too strong processor in any of them, but there are shades between low performances. One is too slow to even play a DVD, the other might cope, go for at least 1.6GHz Atom and you will be fine.

3. Low battery time. These mini laptops are there just so that you are able to work on the go. Short battery time is not acceptable, because you would give up the only thing that lets netbooks make a sense. Go for at least 4-5 hours of time between charges, this way you can work both ways even if you commute from far away. Optionally, it allows for two full length movies to be watched.

4. Small screen resolution. Screen area is something you have very little of when you buy a netbook. Always make sure that if there are two identical computers and the only difference amongst them is the resolution, get the one with more pixels. The width is usually 1024 pixels on 10″ netbooks, height differs though.

5. Looking at the price first. This may sound strange, but you should never check the price tag before you check the features. See if the computer matches your needs or has the desired features. The price is just a factor of all of the above; by checking it before anything else you skip very good deals just because they happen to cost more on absolute scale.

Choosing from the many mini notebook computers can be hard at first, but by always stepping on the white tile you can make sure you get a very good one for a reasonable price. Keep your eyes open and your mini will surprise you positively every day you use it.


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