Image result for 5 Fascinating facts about hair Dryers you must knowEach hair root Contains an oil gland.

Each hair on the head stands individually because the oil in the gland coats every strand. When the oil in the natural oil glands isn’t able to reach and cover the entire duration of the strand, hair becomes dry and damaged, resulting in hair fall. That is why you desire conditioners to nourish the whole strand, from root to tip. Especially for hair – if you have them permed, straightened or coloured – conditioner isn’t optional, it is an absolute necessity. Dermatologists also suggest constant use of hair dryers to nourish your hair regularly.

All these are things that the majority of us understand about hair dryers. But, there is a lot of things which nobody talks about. So here are 5 things which you may not know about your own hair conditioner.

They’re amazing styling Solutions

Your conditioners can end up being great styling solutions. Should you wish to have that wavy look, spray a small number of leave-on conditioner to dampen your hair and make a braid.

But fear not! Employ a deep conditioning mask right into the scalp at least once every month.

Condition before shampoo

This may come as a shock for most because conditioning following shampoo is a common practice. But conditioning can raise the body of your hair.

The same conditioner does not work for Everybody

The choice of your conditioner must be strictly based on your hair texture. For those who have thin hair, decide on a volumizing conditioner and should you thick greasy hair, pick a conditioner formulated using less oil.

Do not state your roots

Prevent your roots while cleansing. Start in the endings and comb the conditioner to the mid-lengths of the hair. This is the very best way to moisturize your strands.


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